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Our Objective

  • Is to always protect our client’s investment by providing quality work and the appearance and safety of our client’s facilities at all times even when you are not there, constant communication on matters that need immediate attention.  

Our Principles

  • Some of our principles are quality customer service so when you call us you will speak directly with the Owner who understands how important your time and business is and will provide immediate attention and prompt compliant resolution.  

Our Goals

  • iDust Cleaning Services Corp’s leadership in the Cleaning industry is a direct result of our dedication to customer service without compromise. For each client, we create a safety and implementation plan that is customized to meet the client’s specific business goals and objectives.   

Safety, Training and Supervision

  • iDust crews are not just employees but become family so we care for them the same way they care for us and the quality of work we provide and are supervised and supported by an Area Supervisor and also an on-site supervisor that works along with the whole group training the employees on-site at contract start to ensure they understand their tasks and responsibilities, utilize best practices for performance as specified in the contract, and are familiar with building conditions and situations.
  • The Area Supervisor will perform site inspections weekly and will monitor performance and employee work habits to the contract and to the quality, safety and implementation plan.
  • Supervisors ensure that employees are taught equipment and chemical safety, safe work procedures and best practices in daily work routines as well as the importance of protecting working area contents and personal belongings.    
  • "iDust" Cleaning Services Corp complies with all relevant Federal, State, and local codes and all other ordinances, regulations, etc. that are applicable to the work. Additionally,  we are fully insured, with a combined $5 million General Liability umbrella policy.